Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vibrational Essence 2: Magical Muse

As you can see, these essences aren't being made in order. I'm allowing myself to be guided by Spirit as to when the right time for each essence is to be made. I'm so glad I did... this Magical Muse blend was made under the "smiley moon" witnessed here in the southern hemisphere on 1 December 2008 - a rare phenomenon that I would have missed had I made the essence straight away after creating the 1st essence (Warrior Queen).

This 2nd blend in the series correlates with the sacral chakra and is named after the archetype: Magical Muse.

Magical Muses are the goddesses that rule over creativity, self-gratification, abundance and the feminine divine: Ishtar, Venus, Aphrodite, and the nine daughters of the Greek goddess Mnemosyne… they show us how to creatively, emotionally and sexually connect with others with respect and fluidity.

The magical muse is able to accept change gracefully. She openly and readily releases any need to control external forces. She can step into the flow of life whilst maintaining her sense of purpose. She has a magnetic aura and her body confidence is alluring and sensual. As such, she loves words like succulent, curvaceous, juicy and divine. In the aspect of abundance, the magical muse naturally attracts that which is exactly right for her. She asks for what she deserves and gives herself permission to receive it. She relishes beauty, embodies grace and attracts both attributes with ease.

To make this essence, I gathered the following ingredients on the first day of summer:
  • plants that drew my attention to them -- red-flowering gum, hibiscus (a diuretic to flush issues retained at all levels of consciousness), orange nasturtium (for clearing blocked energy), a flowering succulent (succulent is a great word to spark up the magical muse!) and a sprig from a money tree (representing abundance);
  • red jasper (in feng shui it helps bring change, and metaphysically it helps detox the blood and blood-rich organs) and citrine (abundance);
  • a cat brooch (feline qualities are housed in the sacral chakra);
  • affirmation: I have an abundance of time, health, happiness and wealth.
After moon-bathing this wonderful mix under the smiley moon on Monday evening (a day named after the moon and which correlates to the sacral chakra), I rested the brew on a magnificent orange sheath that became part of my heritage during a stint at one of The Gift weekends. It was during this powerful rites to my Self that I became intimate with the wondrous layers of womanhood and came to appreciate my glorious Self fully.

And so, what a magical blend this latest vibrational essence has turned out to be!

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