Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Full moon celebrations

As you know, I send out my innergoddess newsletter* every Monday. Although Monday is a perfect day for honouring Selene, Hecate, Diana and all the moon goddesses, full moons also provide a magical backdrop to any gathering.

Whether the gathering be a drumming circle, story-telling,
party-for-one, drinks and nibblies, or a night of high passion and sacred ritual, it doesn't matter - it's all significant to spend some time each month for gratitude, contemplation and loving our energy.

This is my favourite full-moon gathering spot (below). Share your favourite spot with us!


The Women's Pool at Coogee Beach is a heaven-sent haven for women drummers in Sydney - possibly because of its privacy, but also because of its surreal beauty. A steep grassed area slopes down to the sea-pool below and offers a magnificent view of the Coogee bay and white sandy shore. Even more beautiful is the stunning full moon and her reflections in the ocean that ripples in time to the magical energy of the group.

There is room for a group of up to 20 women (or
thereabouts) to form a semblence of a circle on the grass, but I find this casual nature of the circle liberating - it allows me to break free from a tight drumming structure and have the courage to let my natural rhythm surface. There is a toilet block at the pool, and providing it is not a total fire ban, small fires may be lit for ritual.

- location
- who is it best suited to (or NOT suited to?)
- best features
- practical features
- quirky / unique features
- why you love it so much
- your name and location

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Monday, June 05, 2006

I am a fit and healthy size... X!

In last week's InnerGoddess newsletter, one affirmation triggered some truly inspired writing from members. It was: "I am a fit and healthy size 10"

Now, something I perhaps should have clarified in the newsletter itself...

I'm not suggesting ANYONE should take my size 10 and try to make it fit when the goddess has clearly made us all unique. Heaven forbid we ALL turn into robots trying to be something we're not! ;-)

I do, however, suggest taking all of my suggested affirmations as triggers to craft your own affirmation to suit yourself. eg; "I am a healthy, fit and weigh exactly (X) stone which is perfect for me", or "I am healthy, fit, and perfect!"

What affirmation would you formulate to help you find self-acceptance with regards to your body's health and body image?