Saturday, July 18, 2009

Review by Flourish Magazine: The Goddess DIET

This review was published in the winter issue of Flourish Magazine, currently on sale in newsagencies throughout WA and major cities nationally.

Friday, July 17, 2009

House Protection Spell... Lifted

Thanks so much to everyone who offered their advice. I feel very blessed to be surrounded and supported by such WISE women! After careful consideration of your advice, and conscious digging to my intuitive centre to find my answers within, I've written a release-and-lift blessing so that the new owner can travel her own path and develop her own relationship with the house :-) It feels like the right thing to do - I just had to have it clear in my head and heart that I wasn't lifting the original spell for the wrong reasons ;-) Herewith is the blessing I have written for the house...
My darling house of seven years,
Under your roof we had no fears;
You sheltered us through hail and shine,
And welcomed friends with hearts so fine.

But the time has come to say farewell,
So with gratitude and love, I wish thee well.
In my heart and memory you shall stay
As the home I loved being in, every day.

Now with these words I lift the spell
That kept us protected and safe so well.
What happens next, come what may,
All is in divine order; for the highest good, I pray.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

House protection spell.... your advice please

Goddess sisters,

This week, after a long and tiresome process, my beautiful home finally sold and a new owner has moved in. But I have a quandary and I'd like your advice...

Years ago when I first bought the house, I put a protection spell on it to protect it (and us) from harm, and to welcome only those with pure intentions and open hearts. It was a wonderful home to live in as a result, and we only have fond memories of our time there, and of our beautiful visitors who added to the warmth of our memories.

As it transpires, however, the new owner has less than pure intentions, and showed zero compassion or understanding during the final days of the house's settlement. In short, she is the type of person who my house would have rejected in order to protect my son and I. Herein lies my quandary...
a) Do I leave the protection spell in place, in which case she will be protected from nasty people and happenings, but the house will reject her? Or,

b) Do I remove the protection spell so the house won't reject her, but expose her to the potential nasties the house may become subject to?
What do you think? What should I do so that all parties are taken care of and I can move on with a clean conscience that I acted for the highest good of all involved?