Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New name news

In a decision that has taken me, oh, 12 years to make, I am in the process of changing my name to better reflect who I have become. I know, I know, a disastrous thing to do branding-wise, but ultimately, I've got to be comfortable with the two words that "define me".

Herewith is some background info into my rationale. (Shhhhh, don't tell anyone I used rationale - it might give me a bad reputation, lol)

When I was a maiden I had my father's name. That name represents the happy-go-lucky, exploratory, sometimes awkward, and often embarrassing years of my life.

Then came my first husband's name. I only changed my name to "meet social expectations". I look back now and realise the "social expectations" were simply my fear-of-judgement misleading me into decisions I was making for the sake of others and not for me.

Nevertheless, the surname "Ryan" represents 14 years of growing up, coming of age, some pretty funky handbags and most rewarding of all, being a mother to my gorgeous Connor.

Now I'm entering the beyond-mother stage. Yes my son is still in high school and I'll be his mother for the rest of his life. However, he is growing out of his need to have the same surname as me. My second husband is also growing -- out of patience that is! He's tired of being called "Mr Ryan" when we go to restaurants.

So anyway, while "Anita Ryan" might be my brand as an author and website creatrix, on a personal level it is unsustainable. It is a residue of a life that has served its purpose - a time of amazing and positive growth, mind you - but the time has come to adopt my "adult" name for life.

I know this isn't the end of the line of "me" growing as a person, (heaven forbid!), but I do look forward to stepping into the goddess power I feel resonating in the name, "Anita Revel".
(Pronunciation tip: re-VEL)

Initially you'll start seeing me sign my InnerGoddess broadcasts with a hybrid of my new name. You'll also see my hybrid name on my books and articles from today also, and with 50+ years of writing left in me I'm hoping you'll see hundreds of these!

As a verb, 'revel' means to celebrate with unrestrained merrymaking and great pleasure or delight. This is certainly energy that I look forward to carrying forward with me from this point onwards.

I hope you join me for many years to come as we weave a merry dance back to a world-wild state of "goddess-ness"!

big loves,
Anita Ryan-Revel