Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality: 3rd edition

Announcing the 3rd edition of the ever-popular 101 guide to chakras and goddess energy, The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality by Anita Revel.

Available as a download only at this stage, for $9.95
This edition has four extra pages and:

* expanded guided visualisation (per the Chakra Goddess Guided Visualisation)

* illustrated guide to the chakra locations

* additional illustrations 

It is published by Now Age Publishing, the same publisher who did such a beautiful job on my 10th book, The Goddess DIET

How appropriate that the publisher has chosen my first and last books to wave their creative wand over. The circle is complete :-)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Review: The Goddess DIET

The first review for The Goddess DIET was posted at the Blissings forum this week, by Rebecca Ratliff. Thank you Rebecca!
So I just got this book on Friday, I'm a little over half-way through reading it (this isn't one of those fluffy diet books, you have to actually pay attention to the stuff you're reading), and I must say, I'm loving it! This is really great stuff, Anita. I can't help but already feel empowered by all the things you've written and are suggesting. I own several diet/wellness/health books, and this is definitely one of my favorites. It really addresses the issues that so many don't. If you're not happy with yourself, then you're not going to be happy no matter what weight or dress size you're at. And then, once you achieve that goal, since you're still not happy, you're likely to just put all the weight, along with more self-loathing, back on.

I'd definitely encourage everybody to get this book, whether you need to lose weight or not, just because it has such sound advice regarding your mental state. Thank you, Anita!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Introducing the BOTIBOTO Award. This award recognises women who are Beautiful On The Inside and therefore naturally Beautiful On The Outside.

This BOTIBOTO Award began with the empowerment story, "BOTIBOTO, Beautiful On The Inside, Beautiful On The Outside, by Anita Revel. It is a story of celebrities, body image, and how one girl found her divine inner spark because of it all. Weeeeee!

Paying the Award Forward

Here are some of my favourite bloggers who I think deserve the award also...

Tinkerbell Tinkerbell deserves this Award for her "Life Begins at Forty" post. I came across it on the cusp of my own 40th birthday and it cheered me up no end. It also reminded me about the value of "age" – my wrinkles represent wisdom ;-)

Maitri's Heart I read Maitri's story about why she changed her name, and it's one of those stories that changed *me*! I look back at my own story about when I changed my name and although I have no regrets, I wish I could have been so eloquent as Maitri ;-)

Dr Susan Gregg Susan's toltec related posts are always so dignified, well thought out, and engaging. I recall one post I enjoyed in particular about Shadows.

Pagan Witch In one of her posts, Christine said "if you want something specific, can’t find it on the web, then do it yourself." And indeed she did. Rather than complaining about the lack of a decent writing prompt blog, she just went ahead and created her own.

I love love love the Pink Heels Blog, where women come together to share their personal and professional passions in life. Jennifer always gathers and presents fabulous information on a wide variety of topics from yoga, to shopping, to business.

The Crazy Rabbit Lady is conscientious, crafty, scrappy and fun. I'd love to have half her creative talent... I also admire her courage when admitting to an -ism.

That Grrl Laura is a fabulous doodler who I could have kissed when she invited me to participate in a doodle week... "I would very much like to bring in something spiritual to remind all the Trick or Treaters that there is more to Halloween than costumes and candy," she said. Hoorah! How refreshing to take Halloween back to its original meaning :-)

The Goddess Lady, who is very passionate about women's sexuality and body image. As you will see by her blog, she is also devoted to "being" Goddess in every day life.

The Curvy Goddess is inspiring her UK goddess sisters with her plus-size shopping rants. Honest and entertaining = riveting reading about a very serious issue.

When I was pregnant I did a 4-part course with Deidre (Magical Beginnings for Baby). She gently and wisely brought me back to a place where I could trust my intuitive connection with baby. Lately I enjoyed her post on a diaper-free baby...

*** Know someone who deserves this award? Visit for details.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adding the Wish Goddess to your blog

I've had a few requests lately from bloggers wanting to add the Wish Goddess to their blog. And why not? She's beautiful, and the wish cards you can create are fun and inspiring.

From personal experience, a couple of years ago I created a wish card with images of a baby, a love heart and the words, "this wish comes true, easily and naturally". I then surrendered the wish to the care of the Wish Goddess, and wa-lahhhhh, through the act of surrendering my wish came true. My beautiful Little Star is now 15 months old and bringing so much joy to our lives.

So anyway, back to adding the Wish Goddess to your blog. If you're using Blogger, here is the easiest way:
  1. Add Gadget
  2. Add Picture
  3. Choose image from web:
  4. Link to

Happy wishing! Oh, and if you want to share your wish card with a beautiful group of goddess sisters, add it here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Review: The 7-Day Chakra Workout

By Mo Davies

I have been tripping the light fantastic over the past few months by sauntering through Anita Revel’s “The 7-Day Charka Workout”. I love the positivity of this book and I actually think Anita’s a national treasure with her optimistic, uplifting views and amazing range of information about the chakra energy centres in our bodies.

I’ve done quite a bit of chakra work over the years, but none have been so much fun or so informative as this little treasure of a book. I really am enchanted at the range of information that Anita has gathered together for each of the energy centres. Not only that, the different therapies she has included for working your way through from the base to the crown chakras are incredibly comprehensive.

If I sound a bit over the top, I feel I’m entitled to after returning to this book for chakra work whenever I have felt so drawn. I haven’t even attempted to work through each chakra for seven days in a row as I’m not the most organized of people and getting all the suggested gear together for each chakra would be a bit of a challenge. What I have enjoyed, however, is returning to this book from time to time as I’ve felt drawn to work with a particular chakra.

Red used to be a big no-no for me, deeply challenging, and even introducing a red candle into my environment years ago felt exceedingly adventurous. I can now boast that I have red knickers, shoes and a deep red Goddess dress which I feel quite comfortable wearing. I also have a red handbag and all that remains is to find a red hat which appeals to me. Our home is also decorated in rather earthy, grounded colours which again is a bit of a change since everywhere else we’ve lived (yes, we move a lot) has been in blue/purple/green colours.

In my studio I now have a big bunch of brown, gold and yellow flowers, with a beautiful orange stone, and in my wardrobe a lovely bright gold poncho to lighten my life. Blue tones suit me, but yellows make me look like Typhoid Mary so I’ve had to work out ways to bring these colours into my environment as I worked through the Sacral and Solar Plexus chapters of The Workout.
I’m not going to bore you witless with a description of how I’ve worked with each chakra and the changes I’ve made: I’ve concentrated on the base colours as I need to ensure I get grounded . Astrologically speaking, I have nine air signs and no earth signs. Wallowing in purples and blues is a given for me, it’s the grounding colours I need to tango with in to get balanced, and Anita’s beautiful book has helped immeasurably.

I haven’t gone into all the details of the Chakra Workout, because there is just so much information I’d have to keep going to breakfast time. I just want to conclude by thoroughly and very warmly recommending Anita’s book. You’ll have a fine time dancing your way through all of the lovely suggestions. And I hope, like me, you’ll enjoy returning to the book over and over again to refresh yourself and lighten up with all the brightness of Anita’s warm, lively writings.

I’m going to finish with another recommendation sight unseen – Anita’s just released her new book, The Goddess DIET, and I’m betting it’s going to be every bit as uplifting and bright as The 7-Day Chakra Workout.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mind Body Spirit Festival - Free Seminars by Anita Revel

** Dates and times are announced for Anita Revel's free seminars at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in MELBOURNE:
  • Friday 5 June, 1.30pm: "Reconnect With Your Inner Goddess" FREE VOUCHERS FOR ALL ATTENDEES
  • Monday 8 June, 1.30pm: "The Goddess DIET, See a Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days" BOOK LAUNCH
** Dates and times are announced for Anita Revel's free seminars at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in BRISBANE:
  • Friday 26 June, 10.30am: "Reconnect With Your Inner Goddess" FREE VOUCHERS FOR ATTENDEES
  • Saturday 27 June, 2.30pm: "The Goddess DIET, See a Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days" 

Come and join in the fun, meet the author, and re-ignite that spark you've got lying within :-)