Friday, February 29, 2008

Introducing my little star

Three weeks early and weighing 6lb 7oz, my little shining star was born on Friday 22/2 in Perth. We didn't have a name picked out for our little "Bebe", but after 24 hours of getting to know her we were guided to name her Phoebe Ostara.

The name Phoebe means "bright, radiant; the shining one". Ostara is the goddess of the dawn (her name translates to East), and represents new beginnings and divine balance. I look forward to seeing how the energy of her name transpires to bring her joy and success as she grows up :-)

I was supported by friends around the world who were lighting candles and saying prayers for the safe delivery of Phoebe and the wellbeing for both of us. Knowing that these intentions were being offered on my behalf was an incredible source of comfort and strength for me. Thank you. Having been surrounded by boys all my life, it's a joy beyond measure to have this precious little girl enter my life.

As for Blaze, our big boofy blonde wonder dog, well, let's just say he doesn't have a clue what's going on -- he's just wondering what this little lump is, and why the heck it's taking ALL the attention of everyone in the household...

Thank you everyone for your emails, text messages, smoke signals & phone calls. How lucky can one girl get?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Goddess Birth Signs - What's Yours?

Pre-dating Astrology are the ancient gods and goddesses of all time. Each culture had its own divine being or pantheon of deities, yet they all transcended earthly borders and time with common attributes: security, creation, power, benevolence, judiciousness, wisdom and divinity.

And, each deity's energy was more evident at certain times of the year, season or moon cycle than at other times. But just like astrology, goddess energy defines who we are and what our life purpose may be.

Read the article at, then return here to share your thoughts -- does your goddess birth sign resonate with you?