Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sneak peek: 1st instalment of the Goddess Makeover home study course

Welcome gifty for you!

Get your 1 week sneak peek at my 7-week home study course in personal values... It's called "Goddess Makeover, an e-Course in Personal Values, Self-Actualisation & Divine Revellion"...

I promise you, when your personal values are defined and "locked-in" you will have better relationships, more fulfilling work and a rocking' home life. That's something every sister wants and deserves!

You will find in your welcome kit the following benefits:

• The e-Course introduction and 1st chapter;
• Instructions for how to begin your step-by-step Values Totem;
• The opportunity to see yourself as a Warrior Queen;
• Shortcuts and links to the virtual classroom where you can share your experiences.

Register here to receive the 1st chapter....

Pssst! And don't forget to get involved in the Discussion Forums where you can share you work, questions, support and experiences.