Monday, March 19, 2007

Road Trippin' in the USA

Chicago is SUCH an incredible city! Why haven't I been here before? Oh my gosh, the three-storey roads had my head spinning for a bit, as did the St Patricks Day festivities here yesterday. But it's all good! It's better than the head-spin I got after taking a wrong turn in Tennessee and finding myself driving through the Virginian mountain ranges, lol.

Hubby (aka "Luvvy") and I have been finding up songs about every state we are visiting. We have some gaps though, and are hoping you can help us by contributing suggestions... So far we have been to:

- Louisana: The Battle of New Orleans, Johnny Horton
- Mississippi:
- Tennessee: Graceland, Paul Simon
- Virginia: Country Roads, John Denver (I know, not "technically" about Virginia)
- Kentucky: Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin (I'm sure there's a line in there about "from the Kentucky coal-mines to the Californian sun")?
- Indiana: "I come from Indiana with a corn cob in my sack" (OK, we made that one up - after 10 hours of driving we were getting a little stir-crazy)
- Illinois: Any song by the band, Chicago?

Coming up next:

- Michigan:
- Ohio:
- Pennsylvania:
- New York: NY NY, the old dude
- Connecticut:
- California: Welcome to the Hotel California, The Eagles

Get in there girls, get creative!