Monday, January 19, 2009


In my newsletter this week, I invited InnerGoddess members to offer tips, advice, affirmations and stories about how they "receive", whether it's receiving a compliment, attention, special treatment, favours or material goodies...

The five most creative answers win a memory-bracelet as recognition of their wonderful skills in receiving.

I look forward to lots and lots of entries being made here this week! If you're keen to enter for a chance to RECEIVE this gift (valued at $40), subscribe here. Even if you're not inclined to enter, please do comment on which tip, tool or story is your favourite so as to help me pick the winners ;-))) Winners will be picked at the end of January.

Love, Anita

Monday, January 12, 2009

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nooooo, it's a...

Oh boy I love my job, especially when i come up with these brain-waves... the latest creation this week is the GODDESS BRACELET...

Oh but is it just a bracelet? Nooooooooo!

It's a clever disguise for something else... Click here to find out what it is.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

free e-Course for emotional and spiritual well-being

The study of chakras dates back many centuries, and as such, they are considered an integral part of holistic health. The major chakras are often described as ‘spinning wheels of light’ or ‘electromagnetic aura fields’, or even ‘inverted vortexes’ that run along your meridian from the base of your spine to the top of your head. But whatever their form, by consciously working with your chakra energy and the issues that relate to each zone, you should be able to bring your life into balance and experience a deep sense that all is right with your world.

I particularly like working with chakras because they aren’t a belief system that has rules for right or wrong. For me, working with chakras is a way to bring myself back into my body and into my authentic power. That is, in listening to my body and my intuition I can reclaim my power and responsibility for my choices based on where my innate wisdom is guiding me (as opposed to what guilt, conditioning, ‘God’ or my mother is telling me to do.)

Seeing as seven is the sacred number in the case of chakras, I developed The 7-Day Chakra Workout focusing on one chakra and a relevant life aspect per day. This information is now available in a summarised format as part of a free e-Course.

The e-Course is delivered in 12 instalments on a daily basis. Once you've read and understood the theory you are free to "do" the workout on a schedule to suit yourself. If you have done the e-course I would love your feedback here!


Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Predictions for 2009

Dear goddess... 2009 is upon us. I am calling this year my "year of manifestation." It is the year that I intend to share fully all the gifts and talents I've been cultivating. I have such a strong feeling that you also are on the cusp of something amazing that I am compelled to offer you my predictions for 2009. I'm sharing these with you because they involve you...

You ready? I predict that, this year:

* You'll fall in love... Yes, finally, the most incredible LOVE will encompass you. You'll have a sense of "arrival", that you have finally found THE ONE. This will happen at precisely the moment that you look into a mirror and recognise the goddess in the reflection gazing back at you.

* You'll become rich... Yes, you will find money in your wallet, you will be able to afford little luxuries (and big!) and you will be able to pay your bills without any stress. This is because you will learn that money is simply energy, and the more you allow it to flow the more it flows in abundance back to you.

* You'll lose weight... Yes, suddenly that pre-baby wardrobe is looking like an option again. That favourite pair of pants is coming out for another season. That dress that makes you look hot hot hot is coming our for another trot trot trot. This is because you will look in the mirror and lose your attachment to any feelings of ugliness, unworthiness and un-sexiness. As you gain self-acceptance, you will lose your baggage.

There's more... maybe I'll continue with my predictions in next week's newsletter. In the meantime, make your own predictions for 2009 by hitting the "comments" button below.