Sunday, January 11, 2009

free e-Course for emotional and spiritual well-being

The study of chakras dates back many centuries, and as such, they are considered an integral part of holistic health. The major chakras are often described as ‘spinning wheels of light’ or ‘electromagnetic aura fields’, or even ‘inverted vortexes’ that run along your meridian from the base of your spine to the top of your head. But whatever their form, by consciously working with your chakra energy and the issues that relate to each zone, you should be able to bring your life into balance and experience a deep sense that all is right with your world.

I particularly like working with chakras because they aren’t a belief system that has rules for right or wrong. For me, working with chakras is a way to bring myself back into my body and into my authentic power. That is, in listening to my body and my intuition I can reclaim my power and responsibility for my choices based on where my innate wisdom is guiding me (as opposed to what guilt, conditioning, ‘God’ or my mother is telling me to do.)

Seeing as seven is the sacred number in the case of chakras, I developed The 7-Day Chakra Workout focusing on one chakra and a relevant life aspect per day. This information is now available in a summarised format as part of a free e-Course.

The e-Course is delivered in 12 instalments on a daily basis. Once you've read and understood the theory you are free to "do" the workout on a schedule to suit yourself. If you have done the e-course I would love your feedback here!


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