Monday, January 19, 2009


In my newsletter this week, I invited InnerGoddess members to offer tips, advice, affirmations and stories about how they "receive", whether it's receiving a compliment, attention, special treatment, favours or material goodies...

The five most creative answers win a memory-bracelet as recognition of their wonderful skills in receiving.

I look forward to lots and lots of entries being made here this week! If you're keen to enter for a chance to RECEIVE this gift (valued at $40), subscribe here. Even if you're not inclined to enter, please do comment on which tip, tool or story is your favourite so as to help me pick the winners ;-))) Winners will be picked at the end of January.

Love, Anita


Linda said...

I have a gift for giving really good compliments. These are specific to each person I meet and reflect back to them some unique aspect of the goodness and beauty I see in them. Nothing dismays me more than when such observations are deflected, like water off a duck's back, because we are not trained to accept a compliment graciously.

"Incoming compliment, lower all shields," I say in the face of resistance.

Their laughter usually allows room for the appropriate response: "Thank you!"

Sandra said...

I have a challenging time giving myself the gift of self-acceptance.
Recently, I created a daily routine in which I wake up and ask myself what I'm going to do to love myself today.
I think of myself as having three parts - the intellectual, the creative, and the woman. I have made it a goal each week to fill in the following blanks:
I will love my intellectual self by __________; I will love my creative self by ________; I will love myself by __________. I send these weekly goals to a friend who checks on me throughout the week to see how I'm doing on my goals.

Denise said...

I belong to the Beaded Journal Project and this year, I am beading the Goddess's. These are Goddess's that speak to me, I choose them each month and do so with consciousness in the messages I am supposed to recieve from them. I love the messages, the colours and the symbols of the Goddess's and each beaded page is a tribute to women everywhere. I have finished two, and will be putting pictures of them on my blog, two more are in the works, and I still have to allow a Goddess to call to me for January.
cheers, Denise

igoddess said...

Congrats Linda and Sandra - I'll be sending your prizes this week :-)