Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Introducing the BOTIBOTO Award. This award recognises women who are Beautiful On The Inside and therefore naturally Beautiful On The Outside.

This BOTIBOTO Award began with the empowerment story, "BOTIBOTO, Beautiful On The Inside, Beautiful On The Outside, by Anita Revel. It is a story of celebrities, body image, and how one girl found her divine inner spark because of it all. Weeeeee!

Paying the Award Forward

Here are some of my favourite bloggers who I think deserve the award also...

Tinkerbell Tinkerbell deserves this Award for her "Life Begins at Forty" post. I came across it on the cusp of my own 40th birthday and it cheered me up no end. It also reminded me about the value of "age" – my wrinkles represent wisdom ;-)

Maitri's Heart I read Maitri's story about why she changed her name, and it's one of those stories that changed *me*! I look back at my own story about when I changed my name and although I have no regrets, I wish I could have been so eloquent as Maitri ;-)

Dr Susan Gregg Susan's toltec related posts are always so dignified, well thought out, and engaging. I recall one post I enjoyed in particular about Shadows.

Pagan Witch In one of her posts, Christine said "if you want something specific, can’t find it on the web, then do it yourself." And indeed she did. Rather than complaining about the lack of a decent writing prompt blog, she just went ahead and created her own.

I love love love the Pink Heels Blog, where women come together to share their personal and professional passions in life. Jennifer always gathers and presents fabulous information on a wide variety of topics from yoga, to shopping, to business.

The Crazy Rabbit Lady is conscientious, crafty, scrappy and fun. I'd love to have half her creative talent... I also admire her courage when admitting to an -ism.

That Grrl Laura is a fabulous doodler who I could have kissed when she invited me to participate in a doodle week... "I would very much like to bring in something spiritual to remind all the Trick or Treaters that there is more to Halloween than costumes and candy," she said. Hoorah! How refreshing to take Halloween back to its original meaning :-)

The Goddess Lady, who is very passionate about women's sexuality and body image. As you will see by her blog, she is also devoted to "being" Goddess in every day life.

The Curvy Goddess is inspiring her UK goddess sisters with her plus-size shopping rants. Honest and entertaining = riveting reading about a very serious issue.

When I was pregnant I did a 4-part course with Deidre (Magical Beginnings for Baby). She gently and wisely brought me back to a place where I could trust my intuitive connection with baby. Lately I enjoyed her post on a diaper-free baby...

*** Know someone who deserves this award? Visit for details.


Tink said...

Wow, thanks! I'm very honoured and proud to receive this award. I'll post about it a.s.a.p.

BunnyKissd said...

Thank you so much! I've passed it on...

Curvy Goddess said...

Aw hun thank you so much for the award, really touched! :) xx xx xx