Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adding the Wish Goddess to your blog

I've had a few requests lately from bloggers wanting to add the Wish Goddess to their blog. And why not? She's beautiful, and the wish cards you can create are fun and inspiring.

From personal experience, a couple of years ago I created a wish card with images of a baby, a love heart and the words, "this wish comes true, easily and naturally". I then surrendered the wish to the care of the Wish Goddess, and wa-lahhhhh, through the act of surrendering my wish came true. My beautiful Little Star is now 15 months old and bringing so much joy to our lives.

So anyway, back to adding the Wish Goddess to your blog. If you're using Blogger, here is the easiest way:
  1. Add Gadget
  2. Add Picture
  3. Choose image from web:
  4. Link to

Happy wishing! Oh, and if you want to share your wish card with a beautiful group of goddess sisters, add it here.

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