Tuesday, July 14, 2009

House protection spell.... your advice please

Goddess sisters,

This week, after a long and tiresome process, my beautiful home finally sold and a new owner has moved in. But I have a quandary and I'd like your advice...

Years ago when I first bought the house, I put a protection spell on it to protect it (and us) from harm, and to welcome only those with pure intentions and open hearts. It was a wonderful home to live in as a result, and we only have fond memories of our time there, and of our beautiful visitors who added to the warmth of our memories.

As it transpires, however, the new owner has less than pure intentions, and showed zero compassion or understanding during the final days of the house's settlement. In short, she is the type of person who my house would have rejected in order to protect my son and I. Herein lies my quandary...
a) Do I leave the protection spell in place, in which case she will be protected from nasty people and happenings, but the house will reject her? Or,

b) Do I remove the protection spell so the house won't reject her, but expose her to the potential nasties the house may become subject to?
What do you think? What should I do so that all parties are taken care of and I can move on with a clean conscience that I acted for the highest good of all involved?


Anonymous said...

I think you should remove the spell. Allowing her to become 'one' with the house will enable her to decide and choose what she attracts to it. Then it is her choice what she attracts or doesn't attract or allow in. For me, it seems like an example of allowing self-determination and her to learn for her journey. If you don't remove then spell, then you are determining her existance and to me, that doesn't seem true to Goddess, she is a goddess of her own making and deserves to be allowed to make her own choices and way forward.

BunnyKissd said...

I would remove the protection spell and leave her to her own devices... :\

Lee-Anne said...

Hi, wrap a silver heart in pink paper and bury it somewhere near the front door. Set the intention that as she passes the heart her vibration alters to suit the house. Leave her a small white crystal as a welcoming gift. Ask the house to accept her and leave the spell in place. Love can change any vibration, it simply needs intent. Lee-Anne

Linda said...

Leave it up to the house to decide. It's beyond your power now anyway. You already made the decision to sell, and broke the spell of protection. Perhaps the house is feeling betrayed and you are reluctant to leave. The new owner is acting out because you don't want to let go. Many people are losing their homes now, and it is a sad time.

Your job is to say good-by to the house. The new owner will create her own "luck" there. Say a prayer of protection and gratitude for the house.


Michelle Doetsch said...

It seems that no matter what you do, the new owner will be open to negativity from somewhere; if not others, then from the house itself. I don't think it will hurt to leave the spell in place. Removing it seems to imply either a judgment that she isn't worthy of protection or a wish for her to "get what's coming to her". No spell can protect us from the consequences of our own actions, so the Universe will sort things out as it sees fit. Leaving the spell in place seems a more positive action.

screwdestiny said...

I'd take the spell off, and if she wants to do something, then she can. And unless you know her very well, you may not really know what kind of person she is. Besides, why would it work if you weren't living there anymore? Wasn't it supposed to protect you?

Nirvana Visions said...

Here is my 2 cents:
I think if you leave it it might help her forward on her journey (or at least she will be wondering why her friends don't drop around anymore).
If she wasn't meant to be under your protection spell then she wouldn't have bought the house... maybe..
at least, it is better to always do the nicest thing... which would be to leave it :-)

Cawen said...

Hello Anita,

Good question! I've been thinking about the same issue for quite some time now. My current idea is to remove the spell.

It is your spell, you placed it, with your intentions, for you and your family. If the next owner wants such a spell, they have the option to do this for themselves. I think it would be 'meddling' and 'thinking for the other person' if you left it. You don't leave your other 'stuff' behind because you think it might be good for them as well.

By the way, I am wondering if your spell counteracted on you trying to sell the house? As you say it was long and tiresome...

Good luck in your choice. I am curious what the other ladies will recommend.

Blissed be,

_ said...

Surrender the whole thing to Goddess.. and stop trying to figure it out with the mind.. Goddess has it handled.. It's already Perfect... After it's been surrendered.. look at it again.. and see what new insights appear.. and repeat as desired. xP

Anonymous said...

I think you should remove the spell. While the spell is active, part of your energy is attached to the house. Removing the spell will help you and your family attain healthy energetic closure with the house, so that you can fully invest your energies in the new place. You may then wish to create a different spell for the house you are leaving- one that clears your energy, and wishes for the best possible outcome for the new owners who will be living in that house- whatever that outcome may be.

Jonni said...

Linda said it beautifully. The spell was broken the moment you decided to sell it.

Let it go. All things change.

T. said...

I myself would meditate on it, and let the Universe guide my hand. I do however, feel that incantations and spells in whatever form are tailored to their caster and when another factors in (be it a person, place, situation, etc) things will be as they're intended anyway... so the spell has probably lifted of its own accord. Or loosened, to some extent in order to let this 'negative' soul into your Circle. Your house has probably already felt the shift and may be acting out in that respect.

My credo is 'when in doubt, do nothing'. The Universe always finds a way to show you your true path anyway. Light a candle, burn some incense and look deep within yourself, then within the house and the energy you conjured up in it. The answer will reveal itself before you know it.

Best of luck and power be to you!


Anonymous said...

I would remove the spell and recall the energy put into it. That energy can be better invested elsewhere, like in your new home.

The spell should have rejected this person. I wonder why it didn't keep this person away as a buyer, actually. Perhaps the spell broke when you decided to sell, as has been suggested?.

It's no longer your house, it's no longer your problem, and she can make her own way, for good or ill. If she wants a protection spell on her new house, she can arrange for it on her own, without your energy being involved.

I would also do a tie-cutting ritual concerning both the house and the new owner, and some sort of energy/aura cleansing just for good measure. I always do that after dealing with negative or difficult people. It just seems wise.

Anonymous said...

I would leave it. We do spells and such in our homes and they take on our personalities; and we leave all this behind. The house will take on her character and the spell (depending on how you worded it) will protect her from harm, ie. burgulars and such, because that is another thing that our spells do. We don't dig up all the plants and our beloved animals when we leave. We leave them behind and travel on to our next phase of our path. The things that we leave behind help with the changing of the world that we all strive to do.

Many blessing for you and your son on your new phase of life.


Anonymous said...

I think you should leave it there.
It can never hurt to bestow a little more love, even upon those (perhaps especially upon those) who have less than pure intentions.

It may be that the house will choose to drive her out. It may be that your protection spell chooses not to protect her. It may be that she will learn an important lesson established by the energetics you've left in your wake.

I would, by no means, strive to maintain this protection spell over time, that would simply drain you.

But how much can it hurt to leave a little blessing on the small piece of mama Gaia that was once your abode? I think it would be best to be gracious, unless you know for a fact she intends to use the "nasties" present to inflict harm upon others...

In that case, I would try to place a hold or bind on the land, but not the house. Little native spirits, "nasty" or otherwise, would likely be more attached to the land, methinks, need to draw upon it.

But you would have to be very, very, sure that is her intention.

Otherwise; done is done, so mote it be.

Maryanne said...

Hi Anita

I see the answer in your question :))

The spell was of your creating for your own intents and purposes, now its time is done.

Your intentions for the highest good of all will see that this is so.

The words you use in your last paragraph sound like the seeds of a beautiful Goddess prayer.


Angel Blessings!

Maryanne }I{

igoddess said...

Thanks so much for your beautiful advice, goddess sisters. I have decided to lift the spell, and have written about my release-and-gratitude blessing in the next blog post. xxx Anita

White Fox said...

Well this is really up to you.

If you leave it, I doubt it will matter. The spell was meant to protect you, so it may not work at all anyway after you leave. Really, it depends on what spell you used. If you used a spell that protects the actual house, or if you used a spell that protects the house while you inhabit it.

If it's the former, then you may wish to remove the spell.
If it's the latter, then the spell will probably be destroyed due to you willing giving up the home.

If it were me, I would leave the spell. Protection spells are white magick, they cannot do harm. It will likely be gone once she moves in, and even if it isn't, it can't hurt her.

Also, not having to remove it is easier for you.