Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vibrational Essences: The Journey Begins.

Ever since selling my business, (Goddess Playshops), to two gorgeous souls (watch out for the re-launch in February 2009), my head has been overflowing with new ideas -- new products, new articles, a new movie, new initiatives, new opportunities...

One area I've been guided to work in especially, is in the creation of 7 vibrational essences to inspire the 7 archetypal energies within...

I published an excerpt of The Goddess Diet (book to be released in 2009) in the October issue of Living Now magazine. I have never received such an overwhelming response as I did for the "See A Goddess in the Mirror in 7 Days" article. It confirmed that the seven archetypes I identified struck a deep chord within women. My readers recognised each of the aspects of goddess within themselves. What's more, they connected with each of the aspects. They aspired to BE each of the archetypes. Wonderful stuff.

So, after much contemplation and preparation, this week I embarked on my first vibrational essence to assist women with inviting in the archetypal energy they seek.

It was a fantastic, inspirational, fulfilling, yummy experience. Normally I spend a lot of time doing trial-and-error with my product development, but with this first essence, I am thrilled to report that I absolutely ROCKED IT FIRST TIME. I'm so excited... Spirit is certainly revealing great things!

I'll be blogging my journey through the 7 essences here, so stay tuned...


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