Thursday, November 19, 2009

You are enough

I woke up yesterday with yet another flu. It's not fair - I'd only just recovered from another flu a week earlier. To make matters more stressful, our landlady called to say she'd sold our house and we have two weeks to find somewhere else to live.

"Dear Goddess," I said in frustration, "I'm unable to work because I'm ill. I am forfeiting thousands of dollars on my investment in the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne this weekend. I've spent a whole day on the phone trying to find somewhere to live that is clean, affordable, and will take a dog. I'm near the end of my tether here. I'm ready for a change of fortune."

I closed my eyes and let my prayer drift into the cosmos. Emptying my mind of worries, for the time being at least, I allowed myself some space for peace. In that quiet moment of "be-ing", of simply sitting in a space of zero expectation, a beautiful answer drifted back to me.

I shared that answer in this week's newsletter, and invited the InnerGoddess gals to share their thoughts here: what would you most like to hear right now?


Rachel said...

Wonderful post, I really enjoyed your newsletter and look forward to more x

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

Sending up prayers for you and yours. Frustration is such a part of life! Sounds like you are growing with it :)

silvia said...

Feeling frustrated lately and quite uneasy, so thanks for the newsletter. It didn't solve anything but gave me space to breath.

RaevynKiss said...

Feel better soon, Anita! In answer to the question at the end of the Goddess newsletter regarding what I'd like to hear the most right now: I'd like to hear each and every one of us saying we ARE enough, we DO enough and we always will.,the best we can... and that's enough! :)

Thank you for the blissings, as always! And may they all come back to you!!!

RK )O(

Shakti said...

Thank you for sharing this - it touched my heart on a day (and a week) when I so needed to hear this! Be still and know that you are enough


lreader said...

thanks's been a tough week and your newlstter was quite appropriate..

What would I like to hear most now? "All will be well"