Thursday, November 05, 2009

Love is Like Jello (a lesson in finding your soul mate)

In this week's newsletter to InnerGoddess members, I told a story about how I found my soul mate. The motto of my story is that...

Love is like jello - the more you try and hold onto it, the more it squeezes out of your grasp.

I also invited members to offer their little gems... When / How did you meet your soul mate? What life lesson did you learn in the process?


tricia said...

I had been on my own for 2 years and 2 of my friends wanted me to meet this fellow kept saying no for 3 months and finaly relented WELL he was the most wonderful fellow (my mr wonderful) unfortinatly we only had 2 1/2 years together he had heart attack and died it has been 2 years since then and I am still alone but happy with my own company
blessings to all

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh out loud at your story as it was very much similar to my own. I was in a not great relationship when I did a non-traditional goals setting class. Relationship was high on my list so I wrote down what I wanted in a relationship. Soon after, we broke up and after several months of being "alone" I signed up for an on line dating service. An astrology reading done at that time told me that it was my time to meet someone special and cultivate the relationship that I wanted. So I dated and dated and the men were nice but they all agreed, no chemistry or anything that made us want to pursue a relationship of importance. My membership in the dating service was about to expire and I had to decide whether to sign up for another session. I realized that I was happy where I was, with my kids and my job and my friends. I decided then and there if the Universe wanted me to be with someone, he would eventually come along but in the meantime, I was happy with what I had. A couple of days later and nearly at the end of my membership, I was matched with "him" and we are very happy together!

Andrea said...

I had bought a house with a graduate school friend when the housing market was quite depressed in the 70's. My friend wanted his best female friend (me) and his best male friend (my future husband) to live in the house. I was not intending to find a long term relationship since I was about to do research in Central America. I was invited out to eat by my future husband. He had just accepted a post doc in Germany. I was looking in his eyes and two thoughts came to me: He will find his wife in Germany and If I am ever to have children, this is the father of my children.
Right then and there I asked told him I would go to Germany with him if he would marry me.
He nearly fell off his chair but was delighted with the question. So we married and for three years we were poverty stricken jet setters, traveling between Germany and Panama...apart then together (with $5 a minute international phonecalls and no internet, skype, etc).
We are about to celebrate our 33rd year anniversary and we did have two children who have nearly fledged. I am so happy I followed my intuition!