Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Be the kind of woman that...

... when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says,
"Oh crap, she's up!"

This well-known expression made me laugh out loud this morning... so much so I began a list of other things that would make me "that kind of woman." In the spirit of Bast, some of it's playful, but underlying each point is a serious sentiment.

I've started my list here, and would love you to add to it.

Be the kind of woman that...
  • ... takes 'No' as the start of a negotiation, not the end
  • ... isn't afraid to do a U-turn when she's on the wrong road
  • ... knows that today's escapades are tomorrow's morning tea
  • ... is adept at riding the winds of fortune
  • ... chooses her battles wisely; big enough to matter, small enough to win
  • ... kisses slowly, forgives quickly and dances a hell of a tango
  • ... does what she can with what she has in what time she has to do it
  • ... is as strong as the coffee she drinks and the friends she has
  • ... grabs second chances without second glances
  • ... demands tequila and salt when life gives her lemons
  • ... fights for what she loves and against what she hates
  • ... lets the day happen whether she gets out of bed or not
  • ... doesn't believe in bathroom scales or bad-news-papers
  • ... predicts her future by creating it
  • ... brings her own sunshine no matter what the weather
  • ... takes the greatest delight in the smallest of miracles
  • ... loves her body, loves her Self and loves her goddess within
~ Anita Revel ::


Amy said...

Be the kind of woman that doesn't wait for someone to give her power, she just takes it

Jaguar Moon said...

...understands that love comes in many shapes and that there is "no one size fits all".

...knows that no miracle is too small.

...takes time to enjoy pleasure slowly, is quick to lovely and laughs loudly and heartily.

...understands that we are all different and that the only thing we have in common is the need to be loved and accepted.

...smiles when others succeed.

...greets the morning with her head held high.

...cries when others cannot cry for themselves.

...knows that a battle lost is not a war lost.

...knows that a love lost does not equal a life in loneliness.

Anonymous said...

Recognizes herself within others and vice versa...


WhimsiGals said...

Be the kind of woman who
... fights the good fight
... turns stressed into desserts
... is not defined by her past