Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's Your Personal Vibration Level?

I had another birthday recently, and like every birthday, I reflected on the past year to celebrate the many moments of magic. Inevitably I also find moments I could have improved on through my choices and actions. This is OK too - all in sacred balance, after all!

I do this "annual revision" by taking a "Personal Vibration Quiz" (sent to the InnerGoddess members moments ago). It only takes a couple of minutes to get your result - aka your "Personal Vibration Level" – a number out of 100 that tells you how much potential you are using. It is a measure of the energy you emit as you walk through life. And, it helps you identify areas for improvement.

I invite you to subscribe to the InnerGoddess newsletter to take the quiz also. If members are so guided, you may commit to improving your Personal Vibration Level by posting your result / promise / plan of action by commenting on this post.

1 comment:

Red said...

My score was 58 and didn't really surprise me. I'm still working on bringing my vibration up and there are many many levels to work on. LOL At least it was over half, even if by a little. :)

Thanks for the quiz.