Monday, December 29, 2008

2009: A Year For Making It Happen

Hurrah hurrah, for so long we have been learning our life lessons, plugging away at growing, onwards and upwards, ever striving and ever thriving...

Now, 2009 is officially the year of MAKING IT HAPPEN. Of applying all that we've learned. Of reaching our highest potential and manifesting that which we've been working towards all this time.

What are you manifesting? What are your gifts you'll be sharing with the world? What will you be doing to shine your light on the whole delicious Universe?


loba said...

After too many miscarriages and months, years of it just not happening, 2009 is the year where i finally tap into the Divine Fertility. 2009 is the year when i carry and give birth to my perfect, loved little child. The time is now. I am ready. I am Mother. My body will bear fruit.

Anonymous said...

2009 will be the year I brush off my writing talents and do my best to share my visions even if it is just posting them on my myspace page.
I also vow to do my best to see each day as a gift, no matter what it brings my way.

denise ~*~

The_Frustrated_Writer said...

2009 to me means to find my true calling and finish my teen novel. I hope I can get it published and all. This new year I'm full of lots of hope!

Leslie Smith, B.Msc. said...


I love your blogs! Hey, you have a present, but it can't be opened until 12am on January 1st. You will find it on my blog post at that time. :)

Much Love,