Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Team Goddess

Any business coach will tell you that to be successful, you've got to build on what you're already good at. Looking at my own skillset, I recognised that "networking" and "bringing people together" is something I really love doing. So, I dreamed up a way to bring a bunch of like-minded spirited women together in a way that *everyone* will benefit ... the result is Team Goddess.

Team Goddess is a group of educators united in our passion to live our lives with meaning. We work and play on our terms, in accordance with our dreams, and are committed to sharing our learnings with our goddess sisters along the way.

The courses offered by our gifted educators celebrate the 7 gifts of goddess: security, abundance, identity, love, justice, beauty and connection to the divine. These themes run through all the courses being offered by the members of Team Goddess.

So far six team members have committed to offering Team Goddess subscribers extra goodies and bonuses in addition to their fantastic course material. In fact, your first gifty in your first email is a free chapter from Issue 3 of the Inner Goddess Power Party series: Values and Virtues.

Values and Virtues – Our Gift to You

Values and Virtues is a 30-page eCourse will help you establish your own set of personal values so you can define who you are, your code of behaviour and how you'll let other people treat you.

Wishy-washy boundaries bring about equally wishy-washy relationships, mediocre career choices and wonky finances. When your boundaries are set and respected, on the other hand, it becomes easy to be in a perfect state of love and trust.

Choosing your own set of values strengthens your boundaries, morality and self-esteem. When you subscribe to Team Goddess you'll get the first chapter as a gift – that way you can "try before you buy".

As we invoke Spider Woman and weave our ever-widening web across the globe, you will receive offers and gifts once a fortnight or so. There is no obligation to buy – we are simply offering you "tasters" and gifts so you can experience first-hand what we have to offer. There is a wide range of course topics and subject matter to experience, we're certain you'll love enough of them to keep you learning for years to come!

Blissed be,
Anita Revel

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