Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas Food According to Your Goddess Birth Sign

Traditionally, Christmas was my "annual season of the shameless pig-out." This was fun for a while, but as the banquet lunches were gorged, year after year, I noticed that my enjoyment of the food was diminishing and my waistline expanding.

I subsequently investigated my food choices further and in doing so, discovered a correlation between the Goddess Birth Signs and the best food choices for our bodies and our health.

... Now, in knowing the goddess birth signs for each of the members of my family, I'm able to plan a Christmas Day menu that caters for all their different tastes - whether it's a meal "fit for a king" or merely "slim pickings," everyone leaves the table feeling happy, healthy(!) and totally satisfied.

Click here for a guide about which food types are best suited to you according to your Goddess Birth Sign. Then come back here and comment – how will you be changing your xmas eating habits this year?

(Psssst! If you don't know your goddess birth sign, click here to find out!)
(Originally published December 2007 via Anita's "Outing the Goddess Within" column for United Press International, (c) Anita Revel)

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