Monday, April 06, 2009

Prayer for the Inner Goddess

This week I invited my InnerGoddess members to help me out with a bit of focus testing... I value their opinion and asked for their advice / feedback / constructive criticism on a Prayer to the Inner Goddess. The prayer is intended for use in The Goddess DIET (See a Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days), to precede the "Enlighten-Up" chapter.

This post is where I've asked the members to add their feedback and comments. (To read the prayer, you must be a member of Inner Goddess group... join here.) Thank you for your time and comments :-)


Mo said...

After I had waltzed around the room singing the prayer to myself, I floated back to my computer to say: "Wow, love it, just as it is". What a fantastic idea, go for it, and all that stuff, yee-haa.
Love, Mo xx

Anonymous said...

Love, Love Love it!!!
After repeating "Our Father" like a little robot as a child every Sunday, it's nice to have words and meaning that I can truly feel within my heart/soul.

rock on ~*~


Dancesinstars said...

I love the ideas, but... I've always loved the Our Father; it actually does comfort me. It made me feel weird to see a prayer that so immediately registered with the meter of The Lord's Prayer, but with a different meaning, more Pagan meaning. I don't know where my spiritual journey will lead me, but ultimately, I suspect I'll always be a Christian with a few 'other' ideas, and a solid appreciation for the more feminine perspectives. This prayer just sort of rubbed me the wrong way, almost as though it mocked The Lord's Prayer. I highly doubt that was the intent. I love this site, and the best part of Mondays is getting your email. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I so agree! I wouldn't change one word of this. You inspire us SO much, Anita! I've had several goddess sisters thank me for suggesting your site. That always makes me smile BIG! Sharing, caring, CONNECTION...

Thank you!!!

Nirvana Visions said...

I was all excited to sink my teeth into an opportunity to show off my own brilliant wordswomanship and my own vibrant ability to channel divine inspiration... but found that what you had written was sublimely perfect.

You've done it again.

I love it... it made me feel great and a little smile crept across my face and into my heart as I read it.
Love Tara.

Anonymous said...

I liked your prayer. I didn't find it offensive. I liked the bright imagery and joyful tone.

Thank you for your newsletter

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita

I love your prayer. Well done !!

Your newsletters are awesome !!! I have been a subscriber of your newsletter for a few years and forward your email onto a number of my girlfriends.

Best wishes :)


Anonymous said...

I really really love the words. The words are so powerful that I would love to see them in a way that does not sound like an imitation. I think they would mean more to me if it did not mirror the Lord's Prayer. Thanks for all that you do to promote the beauty of women!

yolanda said...

I was just talking with my sister about the Our Father prayer and its link to King James. After reading this I thought, wow you just kicked King James butt and I mean that with much love!
Thanks for that!

San Francisco, CA

Brandy said...

I loved the prayer, it is open and delightful! I want to keep saying it over and over!

Dusk said...

This is beautiful, so beautiful! As soon as I read it I felt -absolutely and truly- that "succulent joy".

Thank you Anita
...and being Hindu born I love reconnecting with Indian Goddesses so I was so happy to receive Laxmi. I love your newsletters, you write with such palpable joy.

~peace~ Dusk