Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Goddess DIET,
See a Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days

Oh my book, my beautiful book, The Goddess DIET (See a Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days) has been despatched to the printer. 

Four years in gestation, estimated date of birth: mid-May, in time for the launch at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne on 5-8 June this year. She will be made available earlier to those who have registered for pre-release news at

Here's the official blurb:
Foodies rejoice! No more dangerous dieting; no more trash talking; no more self-loathing…

When Anita Revel lost her libido, her self-respect and her aspiration to get another season out of her bikini, she embarked on a life-changing process to find her goddess within. In creating The Goddess DIET, she found dozens of Daily Intentional Empowerment Tools to realign her physical, emotional and spiritual behaviours for holistic well-being.

The Goddess DIET works because it connects the three crucial relationships between body, mind and spirit for a healthy self-esteem. Lose your inner critic, gain more energy and fall in self-love.


screwdestiny said...

I pre-ordered both The Goddess Diet and The Goddess Diet companion. Can't wait until they arrive!

Niina said...

Sounds like finally we get a strong body, mind and spirit diet book. <3