Monday, September 04, 2006

Which City Am I In? (#4)

News travels fast, as they say...

Not only did my "Goddess Workout" appear in the Body+Soul suplement on Sunday (read it here on the site, or a pretty version here at the goddess site), but I was also on the Channel Ten news recently. This is a pic of the crew interviewing me... The question is, WHERE is the interview being held?


1. It is in Australia;
2. It is near water - large vessels travel in and out of here each day;
3. The location is named after a Queen of England (no, not Julian Clary)

Blissings and Good Luck!

PS The answer to Challenge # 3 was Broome, Western Australia. Technically, Michelle got the answer correct (in her first guess at least!) ;-)


kymbo said...

Hi Anita, I think you are being interviewed at the Port of Fremantle's Victoria Quay in Western Australia. Congrats on the great publicity!!

Susie said...

OOHHH ANita could it be Port Melbourne in Victoria.
Congratulations on your article and publicity Go Girl!!!!!!!!

BzBee said...


Tracey said...

Hi Anita...Thanx for all your goddess energy that you share with us....Your visit I believe was to Victoria Quays in Fremantle..W.A, my home of birth, by the E-Shed Markets...Have a Love 'n Light filled day...Tracey.xox