Friday, August 14, 2009

Numerology advice please...

Over the xmas break, we played Kelly Pool quite a bit with our various guests. We didn't have a "14" button in the bottle so used the number "16" button instead. Later, I found the "14" button on the floor of the lounge. So I put it back in the bottle thinking, "yay, now we have a complete set"...

The next day I found the same button back on the loungeroom floor. What the? Thinking it a bit strange, I put it back in the bottle again. The following day, I found the same button YET AGAIN. For the third time, I put it back in the bottle, and this time told Gavstar what was going on.

He went inside to shake the bottle and see if there were any holes in it (apart from the opening!), when he nearly stepped on the number "7" button sitting on the floor. Two days later, he found the "7" button AGAIN. Again, WHAT THE...?

I was reminded of this story when I went for coffee with a friend a couple of weeks later. She got "number 7" table marker, while I got... NUMBER 14.

Please please please, if you are a numerologist, intuitive or just plain insightful, please, give me a clue! What is the meaning of finding these two numbers together?


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