Friday, July 06, 2007

Do Blokes Have an Inner Goddess?

In my column this week, I looked at how Sharon Turnbull's book "Goddess Gift: Discover Your Goddess Type" is being used by returning troops in their PTSD sessions. I asked the question, if the book is written for women, how is it finding its way to men who understand terms like “Iron Mike”, “short-arm inspection” and “sucking chest wound”?

To be honest, I can’t think of a reason why the tactics in the book can’t work for the blokes too. To test this, I did a quick whip-around-vox-pop to some male friends to see if they have an inner goddess. Returning troops they are not, but they do understand enough about resolute women to know that incoming fire has right of way. Hence, they were quick to supply me with these gracious answers:
After I had submitted the column, I got some more answers from the rest of the blokes who had missed the deadline. However, their answers are worth shouting from the shoe shops, so I'm inserting them below.
  • Adam: Yes, I do. Her name is LaDawn. In a previous life, I was a black female backup vocalist. And I am being totally serious...
  • Matt: Yeah I got an inner goddess, she's the earth and the moon and the sun and the spirit passed down to me from my mother.
If your bloke has an inner goddess, he's welcome to "out" her in the "comments" box :-)


Gray_Eyed_Storm said...

Hello Anita! I would really like to thank you for creating this website, for many reasons!

For starters, people like you helped my aunt get over fears, and helped her open up!

The actually site itself helped my dear friend finally get some inner peace thanks to her inner Goddess! I can't thank you enough for creating this site!

You see, this site has even helped a few of my male friends -Heavens be praises!-

My uncle finally became in touch with his own inner woman, and inner Goddess to boot, and is now leading a much fuller and happy life!
My dad is actually now a happier person, and finally stopped abusing his body and started following his own path, for doing all these things and more Anita I can never thank you enough!

Hopefully this site will help me own my own journeys through life, blessed be!

gabrielcaret said...

Dear Anita,
Just asking for prayers to fulfill my dreams of finally becoming the goddess that I have always been on the inside.