Friday, May 25, 2007

All Aboard the Sisterhood Bus

"When I grow up, I want a bus just like this one"... ;-)

Seriously, doesn't this clip (in support of a campaign for an international human rights organisation that promotes values of dignity, equality and justice) make you want to take life by the short-n-curlies, climb aboard a bus full of goddess sisters, and DANCE?!

What's your dream for gathering your goddess sisters? Is it a red tent, a goddess circle in your backyard, or a large-scale, fun and fabulous goddess gathering?

Share your dream!


Nicole said...

Love it Anita! Thanks for sharing it.

mich said...

This so rocks my chakras!


Wendy said...

I absolutely love the part when the mom is watching her daughter dance. Lovely and moving.

Anonymous said...

Anita, my dream for the Goddess community in my area is 1)On a small scale, quite literally dancing. I want to start a group that convenes every full moon and dances the night away! 2)On a large scale I want to open a Goddess Temple. A place where my sisters can go to honor the coddess and connect with eachother!