Monday, April 24, 2006

Which City Am I In?

Have you ever had a day where you feel like your ship may have come in, but you were at the airport?

This feeling is not so foreign to me lately - the more I travel the more I am becoming acquainted with it, actually...

This is a picture taken of me playing golf in an Australian capital city last week.

Can you guess where it is? The first correct answer wins a copy of The Goddess Guide To Chakra Vitality - an 88-page easy-to-understand guide to chakra and goddess energies. (Read all about the book at

1. The birds are the state's symbol;
2. Cricket is played at the sporting ground that you can see in the background, but not footy;
3. The city's tallest buildings are visible in the background

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Elaine Bass said...

I would say that you are in Perth a beautiful city.

Larry Moffitt said...


I'm sorry Elaine beat me in answering the question you posted on your blog, because I KNEW that the black swan is the city mascot of Perth. I not only knew it, but have known this since the Sydney Olympics.

Here I have been carrying this useless piece of information in my memory for God knows how long, and this was almost certainly the only chance I would ever have to cash in on it -- even if I live to be a thousand -- and I miss it by a few days.

I also know the names of the "five civilized Indian tribes" of Oklahoma. I know them by memory and never, ever forget them. But I don't give this kind of thing away for nothing.

I'm biding my time until I find myself at the million dollar level in a TV quiz show, and they ask me this question. I can't wait to see the look on you gals' faces when this happens.

Life's path is thorny and cruel, ain't it? Surely there must be some great lesson in this for me somewhere.

Carmen said...

Hi Anita-
How about City Beach?